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A social staking marketplace for the new economy.

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Why Stakeboard? We’re passionate about Your stake in Cardano

Stakeboard is free to use.

We simplify the stakepool search.

We make staking simple and easy.

Stakeboard supports the decentralization of Cardano’s blockchain.

We protect our members from malicious SPOs and frauds.

Stakeboard will be a hub for various staking-centered opportunities.

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Simple steps to start staking


Find a stake pool

Filter seamlessly through the stakepools or use our matching tool to find the right pool for you!


Connect your wallet

Connect to supported wallets and discover a world of staking opportunities.



Easily delegate to one or more stakepools directly from Stakeboard.

Our Projects

Products currently under development within the Stakeboard platform.



Catalyst Proposals

Check our three Fund7 Catalyst proposals and help us decide what the team will work on next by voting for us. Don`t forget to clap or leave a comment if you like our proposals.

F7: Global Sustainable Indep. SPO's
Staking Platform

F7: Global Sustainable Indep. SPO's

Stakeboard: Social Staking Platform



Director of Innovation

F7: Disarm cyber disinformation attacks

F7: Disarm cyber disinformation attacks

Defending Cardano Staking Ecosystem



Director of Innovation

F7: New SPO Business Opportunities
future staking

F7: New SPO Business Opportunities

Beyond ISO: SPO-driven Funding



Head of Business Innovation

The Stake Labs Team




Entrepreneur and government contractor for software integrations and solutions - Plutus Pioneer



Head of Design

Passionate about creativity and design processes, I have been working for several years to design aesthetic and functional user experiences.



Communication Manager

Support, Community & Social media experience in IT, Design and Blockchain industries.



Product Manager

Master degrees in Government Science - Product and Project Manager - Blog writer on blockchain ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions

How can I support Stakeboard’s development?

First and foremost, if you’re an ADA holder you can support our upcoming Fund7 funding proposals by voting for us on Project Catalyst once voting begins. We have 3 proposals in the running, and being awarded Catalyst funding will improve Stakeboard’s tools and features at a faster pace. Also, if you’re a Cardano developer, influencer or SPO with ideas about how we can collaborate, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

How can I be notified of upcoming Initial Stakepool Offerings (ISOs) and other special staking opportunities conducted on Stakeboard?

You can join our mailing list to be notified of all major Stakeboard announcements, and once the site launches you’ll be given the option to get email notifications about FISOs and other staking opportunities.

As a Stakepool operator (SPO), what do I gain from having a Stakeboard profile?

You gain visibility from all of Stakeboard’s marketing efforts, gain trust with stakers by showing you’ve taken a key step in verifying your ownership of your pool, and help Stakeboard prevent frauds from impersonating you and exploiting your good will. Plus, in getting a profile you’ll have a chance at taking part in Fair Initial Stakepool Offerings conducted on Stakeboard. And you’ll be able to take advantage of exciting new funding and business opportunities being built on Stakeboard.

Am I at risk of losing ADA I stake on Stakeboard?

When you stake on Stakeboard, your funds stay in your wallet, protected by your own private keys. And with Cardano’s delegated proof-of-stake model, delegators (i.e. stakers not running a stakepool) are not at risk of losing any ADA that they have staked due to malicious or negligent actions on the part of the stakepool they’re delegated to. That being said, the rewards (i.e. interest) you receive for delegating to a pool are dependent on the performance and good faith behavior of that pool. And this it’s why is a smart idea for most delegators to use Stakeboard: A huge part of what we do every day is try to protect our users from bad actors looking to get staking rewards through scams and dishonest behavior.

Why would I use Stakeboard rather than the existing, staking enabled wallets?

Stakeboard will have much better functionality on everything from searching for the right Stakepool to communicating with SPOs to confirm they’re legitimate. Plus, Stakeboard is working on exciting new ways for stakers to earn yield while participating in decentralized business opportunities and defi - features that are not only new to Cardano, but will revolutionize the staking-based economy in general.

What (or who) is Alice?

Alice is Stakeboard’s staking detective. She’s a bot created to protect the the Stakeboard community from malicious and fraudulent actors trying to exploit proof of stake to their own selfish ends. Alice has already alerted tens of thousands of twitter users about scam stakepools, and as Stakeboard launches and gains adoption, she’ll continue to get more clever and resourceful. Staking Scammers and malicious SPOs won’t know where to hide.

What is a “verified” stakepool and why should I care if a stakepool is verified?

In verifying their stakepools, Stakepool Operators (SPOs) verify that they in fact own the Stakepool they claim to. To create a profile on Stakeboard, SPOs must go through this verification process, which is important so potential delegators on Stakeboard know they’re interacting with authentic SPOs and their authentic social accounts when they access them on Stakeboard. That being said, Stakeboard has not and cannot attest to the honesty and good faith of SPOs just because they’ve been verified. Malicious SPOs, and SPOs claiming to do or be things they’re not can still be verified, so Stakeboard has other tools (and is working on more) to weed out these kinds of bad actors. But Stakepool verification is the first key step to establishing widespread faith in honest SPOs, and SPOs who’ve been verified on Stakeboard have at least taken this step.

How do I verify my stakepool on Stakeboard?

Send us a message and one of our tech leads will contact you for verification and onboarding as soon as practically possible. And we recommend you do message us ASAP to be among the first Stakepools with a profile on the platform.

How do I register my Stakepool to be considered for an Initial Stakepool Offering (ISO)?

First you’ll need to verify you own your stakepool (don’t worry, it’s easy) to claim your Stakeboard profile page, and once you do that and submit to us a brief form stating you’d like to take part in FISOs, we’ll add your Stakepool along with some of your stakepool metrics to a list, and when one of our FISO project partners requests us to facilitate a FISO with stakepools whose metrics match yours, you’ll be in the running to be selected.

Why do I need to register an email address to open an account on Stakeboard?

Some of the main benefits Stakeboard provides are the platform’s security notifications (which can save stakers from falling prey to frauds and malicious SPOs), as well as our email notifications system which will enable our Fair Initial Stakepool Offering (FISO) project partners to communicate with FISO delegators, and update users on major announcements and updates to the platform. For this reason, providing an email address is necessary for opening an account and taking advantage of most of Stakeboard’s advanced functions. But no email registration is required to use stakeboard’s basic search functions.

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